AA Records is a noise record label from Detroit.  A collaborative project initiated in 2005 by multimedia artists Alivia Zivich and Nate Young. They present non-traditional forms of sound and visual art through alternate economic models of art production and exhibition. AA records does this in part through their operation as a small imprint offering editions of hand-made objects at reasonable prices.

All photo installations by Jossi Bieber


AA Records show at Exilo Studio was scheduled for the weekend after Thanksgiving, known in the US to be the biggest shopping weekend of the year. With a department store in mind, AA records continue to work with sheets as a large format of choice for wall-scale graphics of blankly staring faces. To these were add intricate digital drawings of hot dog characters printed on blankets, one ebullient, the other a skeptical smoker. Ceramics by Crystal Palmer are middle fingers poking up from clouds, bursting forth from black confetti and lava rock.

In the alternate room projections bend space and a head shoppe vibe pervades, the synesthetic conditions suggest shifting states of perception. Home-wares move beyond the familiar when covering hidden shapes or covered in anthropomorphic figures, hinting at a narrative. The story progresses when a purchase is made, the characters finding their real context in the buyer’s home.



Informal Economy by Corporate Priestess

Do Yes Disturb! AA RECORDS at EXILO STUDIO – Nov. 26th, 7 – 10 pm

Do Yes Disturb!
Tonight AA Records at Exilo Studio 435 s broadway Between 4th and 5th.
New giant paintings , new tape and lathe editions+ DJ Cosmos Moskos, 7-10ish. Drinks and snacks




Corporate Priestess listens to Threshold by Midnight Magic from Exilo Studio, Los Angeles, Fall 2011
Produced by Nicolas Amato, Pilar Wiley, Ina Celaya, Lisa Sitko, Nicolau Vergueiro and Marco Antonio Prado.

The Bitch is Back – INA CELAYA at EXILO STUDIO – Oct. 22nd

Ina Celaya logo

Exilo cordially invites you

Contributors: Nicolas Amato, Pilar Wiley, Ina Celaya, Lisa Sitko, Nicolau Vergueiro and Marco Antonio Prado

Opening reception: October 22nd, 8 pm

For this collection, Ina Celaya integrates letters from Unicode’s standardized Tifinagh alphabet into each hand-tailored piece.  The graphic symbols are layered upon and into foundational garments, composing necklines, silhouettes and detailing. The Tifinagh alphabet (a politically contested language not officially recognized in North African states) activates both the source patterns and the critical potential of the garments. By integrating an endangered writing system into elements of fashion design, Celaya addresses the marginalization of linguistic diversity, at the same time revitalizing clothing as a form of communication.

Exilo Studio is located at: 435 S. Broadway, 3rd floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Friends of ESS Presents: ECUBYAN Spring 2012 collection

Katie McKay and Diana Valhuerdi, of Ecubyan, launch their Spring 2012 collection.

Taking the name from a song by the glitter rocker, Jobriath, who in the 1970’s lived in a pyramid on top of the Chelsea hotel, Ecubyan’s first collection mines inspiration from Egyptian iconography.

Soon in stores near you… Check it!